Profile: APM Employment Services

A for-profit employment services provider, APM is politically connected and was richly rewarded with Workforce Australia contracts despite a notorious record of abuse and mistreatment.

Profile: Salvos Employment Plus

Provider profile Salvos Employment Plus In addition to employment services, the billion-dollar organisation provides aged care, disability and homelessness services on behalf of the government. It funds charitable work while earning income from programs that inflict harm on people living in poverty.1 Salvos FY annual report, The Salvation Army has been a beneficiary of …

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Profile: AimBig

Provider profile AimBig Head company: Arriba Group Like APM, AimBig has been rewarded with Workforce Australia contracts despite a track record of harm in Disability Employment Services. AimBig stands out as the only employment services provider to be put under the microscope by the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with …

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Profile: Sarina Russo Job Access

Provider profile Sarina Russo Job Access Like most providers, Sarina Russo Job Access refers people from their employment services caseload to related entities to maximise profits from the perverse payment incentives offered by government. The Founder and Managing Director, Sarina Russo, is probably the most high profile player in employment services and refers to herself …

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