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APM Employment Services

Alias: Serendipity (WA) Pty Ltd

A for-profit employment services provider, APM is politically connected, with a high profile board, and was richly rewarded with Workforce Australia contracts.

A number of our survey and workshop participants reported instances of abuse and mistreatment when dealing with APM. In our experience, they are one of the providers we have to support people with the most.

In Australia the majority of APM’s $645 million 2022 revenue came from public funds via government human services contracts.1APM FY22 annual report, p9, p48, p49, p50, p67, p68, p70,

Fast facts

1.93 out of 5Score from ratings submitted to the
AUWU app by people in
employment services.
$701,838Political donations since 2011. The
Coalition received $334,433 and
Labor $385,315.2AEC Transparency Register,
$787 millionValue of published employment services
contracts.3Published contract values from the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations (source: and the Department of Social Services (source: Workforce Australia: $334.9 million; Employability Skills Training: $66.9 million; Self Employment Assistance: $ 58.9 million; Disability Employment Services: $264 million; ParentsNext: $6.9 million; Transition to Work: $50 million; Career Transition Assistance: $5.5 million; Total: $787 million.
$644.9 millionFY22 revenue in Australia. Global revenue
was $1.33 billion. $940 million was from
employment services.4APM FY22 annual report, p49 and p47,
$4.53 millionFY22 remuneration of CEO Michael
Anghie. APM founder Megan Wynne
received a salary of $750,000
and performance bonus of $487,500.5APM FY22 annual report, p88,

Emails revealed under freedom of information show APM aggressively lobbied government for financial support to employment services ahead of 2020 COVID lockdowns.6Department of Social Services Freedom of Information Request 2021-M001, Employment minister Michaelia Cash handed over an extra $500 million to the industry in the first year of the pandemic.7Rick Morton, 29 August 2020, ‘Exclusive: Jobactive virus kickbacks top $500 million’, The Saturday Paper.

proportion of apm
Revenue from public funds
via government contracts
in Australia

APM FY22 annual report, p2,

APM is now by far the largest employment services provider, having been awarded 17.8% of 129 licenses.

Its current employment services contracts are worth nearly $800 million and it’s one of only two providers whose contracts span eight of 11 employment services programs.

APM has now wrung more than $1 billion out of the poverty industry just through employment services contracts alone since it first began operating in the sector 8 years ago.

“Across our business we have continued to pursue new opportunities and win market share [since listing on the ASX in November 2021], including … nine strategic investments that provide critical entry points into the NDIS market.”
– Michael Anghie, APM Group CEO

The latest harrowing story to appear in the media involved a caseworker accessing information about TJ Davis’s history and weaponising a recent suicide attempt to threaten and intimidate them when they sought help with reporting requirements.

96% of people who listed APM as their provider in a recent Antipoverty Centre survey said they were unable to access support through their job agency that helped to improve their physical or mental health, and 92% said “mutual” obligations made their health worse.

Unsurprisingly, only one person with APM who responded to the survey had found a job with the help of their job agency.

“[I got] less than zero assistance, bullshit courses, scheduling appointments during work hours, HARRASSING ME for payslips and breaching me when I didn’t provide them.”
– Mark, South Australia

Reports from welfare recipients

Survey results

The Antipoverty Centre conducted a survey of people in employment services in 2022. Of 305 respondents who answered questions about their job agency, 35 (11.5%) had been with APM. Contributions were received from people on the APM caseload in regional areas across all five states. Hobart was the only state capital city not represented in the results.

3% said “mutual” obligations are useful overall.

Of those who had paid work, study commitments or caring duties at the same time as being required to do ‘mutual’ obligations, none said their job agency was understanding about the need to fulfil these responsibilities. 35% said they were sometimes understanding.

26% said they experienced discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, disability or religion from someone at their provider or “mutual obligations” activity host organisation.

Had a paid job
Said their job agency
got them a job
Said their job plan
was tailored


Below you can read a selection of survey responses, reviews, news articles and social media comments about APM.

Journey to market dominance

January 1994

APM established as vocational rehabilitation provider

January 1994
January 1994

Keating government begins privatisation of employment services

January 1994
January 1994

Howard government completes privatisation of employment services

January 1994
January 2015

APM Enters employment services market

January 2015
January 2018

First Disability Employment Services contract

January 2018
January 2019

Expands into related government programs targeting unemployed people

January 2019
January 2021

Acquisition spree

January 2021
January 2021

DES contract extended

January 2021
January 2022

Awarded the most contracts of any WfA provider

January 2022

Workforce Australia inquiry countdown

The inquiry reports in September 2023. Read submissions and hearing transcripts on the inquiry website 👇

Employment services survey

The Punishment for Profit report is based on hundreds of responses to surveys conducted by the Antipoverty Centre. This research is ongoing. If you are in Workforce Australia, Disability Employment Services or a similar program, we welcome any information you are able to share about your experiences.

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