11 August 2022, ABC News, Evan Young and Norman Hermant. Access the full article here.

Students receiving JobSeeker Centrelink payments say they’re being ‘penalised’ for studying

Rebekah Maslen has been working hard to prepare herself for a new career.

The Ocean Grove-based student is completing a diploma of early childhood education and care, which includes 24 hours per week on placement, plus about 15 hours of study and two days of classes.

She is also one of many Australians struggling to come to grips with the biggest overhaul of unemployment services in decades.

The way I’ve been treated … and the lack of information around how to use the system in detail [has] not been a very good experience.

– Rebekah Maslen

Employment services survey

The Punishment for Profit report is based on hundreds of responses to surveys conducted by the Antipoverty Centre. This research is ongoing. If you are in Workforce Australia, Disability Employment Services or a similar program, we welcome any information you are able to share about your experiences.

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